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Caitlin’s Phoenix Tattoo Story

Nude Girl with Phoenix Tattoo
Caitlin’s Phoenix Tattoo Story

This phoenix tattoo is very personal to me. The phoenix describes the struggles I have gone through in my life and trying to rise above them. It took 2 years for me to compile everything that I wanted in the tattoo. This is just the outline and I am currently getting color done. It will take quite a few months to finish since it is so large.


Scroll Down to see Caitlin’s finished Phoenix Tattoo

Update May 30, 2011:

Caitlin has one more session of color to go on her incredible phoenix tattoo. She’ll send photos of the finished tattoo soon but here’s a progress shot to give you an idea of how beautifully the color work is coming along.

Color progress of Caitlin's Phoenix Tattoo

Update October 2, 2011:

Here’s Caitlin’s finished phoenix tattoo…

Caitlin's Finished Phoenix Tattoo


Tattoo artist: Wayne Lessard
Tattoo Studio: Bodytech in Gainesville, Florida

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28 Responses to “Caitlin’s Phoenix Tattoo Story”

  1. Agent Red Says:


  2. Reptile Says:

    Cant wait to see this finished!

  3. super Says:

    Looks like 2 square feet of regret.

  4. Alex Says:

    It’s going to look beautiful coloured in; but it would look just as beautiful just as the outline- subtle and dramatic. It’s a wonderful work of art and you’re lucky to have it!

  5. Max Says:

    Wow, i must say this will be one beautiful tattoo.

  6. Crafty Says:


  7. Aaron Says:

    WOW Beautiful work.

  8. Jim Says:

    Amazing…please post more tattoo stories!

  9. Tyler Says:

    Incredible… I love the Phoenix tattoo and everything it represents. It will be so awesome once the tattoo is finished!

  10. Sarahj Says:

    I love it, I’m researching for my own big piece with a phoenix, I’d love to see it finished. I’d love to have a template of yours and change it up for myself…

  11. CMD Says:

    Incredible! It will look amazing when you are done! Oh and your booty is smokin hot!

  12. Raúl Says:

    beautiful, I can´t find my personal tatoo.. but i´m stil searching it..

  13. Caitlin Says:

    I didn’t even realize anyone looked at this! I’ll update with more pictures soon! I have one more sitting left!

  14. Mc Says:

    Simply Stunning

  15. CMD Says:

    Wow the colors are amazing! I love it so far. Congrats on an amazing piece of work

  16. Jeff Says:

    Great work! Where are you getting it done?

  17. Jeff Says:

    Nevermind,caught it up top… missed it earlier…. Looks great.

  18. caitlin Says:

    It is finished!!! Will post pics soon!

  19. Pearl Says:

    Wow, I love this, I’d love to see that final picture. Absolutly stunning, this is so similar yet so different to what I want, very inspiring! And to the comment above “nice booty” your an ass, this is a picture of art, not a page in your porno…

  20. Eiger Says:

    That is sheer beauty! The design and whoever is doing that tattoo are brilliant artists !!! Phoenix looks like as if it’s going to rise off !!

  21. Nix Castell Says:

    Wow You’ve just summed everything I wanted in my phoenix tattoo. Stunning so true and beautiful. And looking at the same size, I love the flow over the body. Must see the end piece. And hopefully the design and tattooist?

  22. CJ Says:

    I’m SIMPLY DYING to see the finished product. I want a phoenix tattoo myself, and yours is one of the best ones I’ve found on the web. Hurry up and post those finished pics!!



  23. CJ Says:

    Oh, would you also mind disclosing the average cost? I think I’ll be doing something a little bit smaller, but I want the same high-quality work, and I want to know what exactly I’m getting myself into!

  24. Randy Says:

    Amazing tattoo. I also have a phoenix about this size it is more up on my back though. I have been searching online for any other one that was as well done as mine and im happy to say yours is about the only one I have found. I love the vivid colors and positioning of the bird on your body, it flows very well!

  25. caitlin Says:

    Thanks to everyone for all the great comments! The cost was about $3,000 but my tattoo artist gave me breaks throughout the tattoo process. The artist is Wayne Lessard at Bodytech in Gainesville, FL. It took around 50+ hours.

  26. Jennifer Says:

    Caitlin, How long did the outline take?
    I’m in love with the concept of what you did :)

  27. Andy R Says:

    Hey Caitlin,
    This tattoo looks amazing, especially the coloring looks stunning.. the flow of the tattoo goes well with your body and Must say that the artist has done an excellent job with the entire piece… An amazing art work… :)

  28. Jeff Says:

    Fantastic tattoo Caitlin!!! Love it girl, really wonderful work…incredibly sexy!!! Congratulations, you made an awesome choice!!!

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