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Laurel’s Ankh Blue-Rose Ankle Tattoo

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Laurel’s Ankh & Blue Rose Tattoo


I absolutely adore my grandmother and decided my tattoo would consist of her tattoo as well as my own unique addition. The Ankh is in the same place as my grandmother’s (on the inside left ankle). The blue rose symbolizes me as I see myself as a rose – nonthreatening at first glance, but under my exterior I have thorns to protect myself.

I choose the blue color as my eyes are blue and are the first thing people notice about me. On the rose there are three thorns symbolizing my parents and my brother. I love them dearly and are always protecting my fragile life. I thought of this design for two years before finally getting up the courage to get it this year and I LOVE it <3

- Laurel

Tattoo Studio: The Blue Tiger – Durango, CO

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Liesl’s Tattoo Stories

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Japanese Kanji Tattoo Girl
Liesl’s Japanese Kanji Tattoo on her Back

Foot Tattoo of Wolf Print
Wolf Print Tattoo on Her Ankle

I got my first tattoo of 3 Japanese kanji’s. They say Spirit, Wolf, and Eagle. They are on my back so I can draw great strength from knowing that the 3 of them are always behind me.

My next tattoo is of a wolfs paw on my right ankle. This symbolizes the wolf always walking with me.

All my tattoos have a deep spiritual meaning to me.


Tattoo artist: Jumbo
Tattoo Studio: Jumbos Tattoos

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Amber’s Flower Tattoo Story

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
The story behind Amber’s memorial Flower Tattoo

On March 23, 2005, I lost a child. Getting this tattoo was such a huge deal to me because this was something that I wanted to get for a long time. I finally got it this year.

I don’t need a tattoo to remind me of that day. It is something that will stay with me forever.


Tattoo Artist: Bub
Tattoo Studio: TNT Tattoos in Van Wert, Ohio

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Tattoo Story – Katie and Courtney: Friendship Ivy

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Katies Ivy tattoo
Katie’s Ivy Tattoo

Courtney Ivy tattoo
Courtney’s Ivy Tattoo

Courtney, my best friend of 20 years and I recently got matching tattoos. Our friendship is definitely significant enough for and worth of a couple of tattoos. Our parents went to college together and we’ve lived 2 houses away from each other our whole lives so there’s no stopping us now.

There are various meanings for ivy leaves but a few significant ones we found that made us choose it were “long and lasting friendship” and “reliable friend.” We each have the other’s first initial incorporated into the design.

Courtney came up with the original design and the final design was put together by the tattoo artist.

- Katie

Tattoos by “Johnny Truant” AKA Kenny of 4 in the Morning Studios – East Northport, NY

Tattoo Story – Katie: Roots

Thursday, May 18th, 2006
tattoo on foot

This is the beginning of a tattoo i plan on adding onto for the rest of my life. I drew it, as did i my other tattoo, and although i’m not pleased with my artistic ability i think it will mean a lot more to me when i’m 70 and have a piece of my 17 year old mind on me.

As of late i’ve been really interested in meditation, reiki and a lot more in tune with the earth so i decided to get these roots on my ankle. They symbolize grounding; being at one with the earth. I plan on adding onto the roots every year and eventually they will probably take up the majority of my foot as i get older and my ‘roots’ grow. I’m also getting a black band around my ankle in a few weeks so that the little leaf on top will look like it’s poking out of the ground.


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Tattoo Story – Robynn: Ankle Death Flower

Monday, May 8th, 2006

flower tattoo

My third tattoo is a flower designed by my daughter when she was mad at a friend of hers. She calls it her death flower. It was the first tattoo that Denise, from Club Tattoo 1.

I was there for the 10th anniversary party and had traveled from California to party with the boys of Linkin Park and the many other bands who played last year. This one is on the outside of my left ankle

Done by Denise at CT1 5-20-05

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Tattoo Story – Robynn: Ankle Hearts

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

heart ankle tattoo

Ankle Hearts Tattoo

My second tattoo I did while I was on sick leave of absence from work. I was VERY bored just sitting at home, unable to go to work, and I had been doodling for a long time. The new fad at the time were those plastic choker necklaces. Some girls were breaking them and wearing them as anklets. I looked at my chain of heart doodle and just knew that it would look awesome around my right ankle. I also knew that it would piss off my mom (my first one did), and that was a bonus, at the time. She didn’t realize it was a tattoo and not one of those plastic necklaces for a long time, and people still ask me if it’s real or one of those.

Done at the 5150 in Lodi, by Terry

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