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Mike’s Memorial Tattoo

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Memorial Tattoo

Mike’s Memorial Tattoo

My first tattoo. In memory of my mother and sister who both lost their battles with cancer last year..only 2 months apart.

54 yrs old and never thought I would get a tattoo… but I had some inspiration from above!

Tattoo Studio: Broad Street Tattoo, Bridgewater, MA

Artist: Larry DiGiusto

The Story Behind Kelsey’s Coldplay Tattoo

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Picture of kelsey's Coldplay Tattoo
Kelsey’s Coldplay Tattoo

Me and my best friend decided to get the same tattoo a few years back, so we got a few stars on our wrist. I’d also gotten a butterfly on my arm after snapping up a cancellation while my friend was getting one done.

I decided I was going to get something in between both and was just going to get stars. I looked around a few places but hadn’t chosen a design or an artist yet. My dad used to sing Coldplay – Yellow to me when it first came out and I’ve always being a huge Coldplay fan. My dad passed away but instead of just getting ‘Dad’ I decided to get something that means something to me.

So here is my tattoo! I’m constantly getting compliments about it which are forwarded to my amazing artist. After a month or so I still can’t stop staring at it, its magical and I love it. To everyone else its just lyrics but to me it matters the most ;D


Tattoo Artist: Julie
Tattoo Studio: Sacred Fortune, Allerton Road, Liverpool

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Agamid’s Lizard Tattoo – Arm

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

topless girl with lizard tattoo on her arm

Agamid’s Lizard Arm Tattoo

I have three tattoos, tattoo one (the lizard on my arm) I’ve wanted to get since i was eight. My dad came back from Woodford (a massive music festival) and told me about this fantastic lizard tattoo he saw on some guy’s arm.

The tattoo itself is copied from a photograph of one of my old lizards when he was a baby. If you look closely you can see he has a drop shadow and claw marks from sliding down my arm.

- agamid

Tattoo Artist: Loz
Tattoo Studio: Westside Tattoo, Westend, Brisbane, Australia

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Chloe’s Chemical Composition Tattoo

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Chloes Chemical Composition Tattoo
Chloe’s Chemical Composition Tattoo

My tattoo is of the chemical composition of the developing agent in black and white developer, Metol. I’ve been doing darkroom photography since high school and am now a photography major in college. It’s one of my first passions, and I decided to get a tattoo to honor my experience in the darkroom and my love for the process of developing film and prints by hand. Even if I only do digital photography in the future, my tattoo is a constant reminder of where I started.

The chemical, Metol, is what makes the image appear on the paper when you put it in the developer, which is the most exciting part about photography. When the image appears and you see that you’ve finally perfected a print, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Tattoo by: Zach @ Deluxe Tattoo in Chicago

Israel’s Virgen de Guadalupe Tattoo

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

photo of kid memorial tattoo
Israel’s Virgen de Guadalupe Tattoo

This was my first tattoo. As soon as I turned 18 I new I was going to get tattooed. For years I knew I wanted to get the image of the Virgen De Guadalupe somewhere on my body for life. I grew up in a catholic family going to church and all that good stuff. I always loved catholic art and the Virgen just seemed to draw me in.

Here in Escondido, CA we have about 7 or 8 tattoo shops. I knew most of the shop owners and their staff but I chose a hispanic/aztec tattoo shop, there I met Dominic Vasquez I told about what I wanted to get and he was excited because he said that he hadnt done one in color and done one so big before. I chose to get it from my wrist to the inner bend of my elbow.

I went in for 3, 2 hour sessions and in that time Dominic and I spoke a lot about everything from then on we became friends and to this day he is the only artist I let tattoo me. I have complete confidence in him. Even though he has moved multiple times I still get my ink done by him.


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Israel’s Memorial Tattoo

Monday, August 25th, 2008

photo of kid memorial tattoo
Israel’s “Kid” Memorial Tattoo

This tattoo is a memorial tattoo. It is two doves holding a banner with the word “kid” on it. On December 7th, 2006 a great person left this place. My girlfriend’s 15 year old sister passed away. She was an awesome kid much wiser than her years. We were real close. Because of her sickness she couldn’t go to school so my girlfriend would bring her along when we would run our errands. I still think I am a kid at heart so I get along with kids I know how to joke around so we got along great.

As if having her wasn’t great enough she has a twin sister just as beautiful and just as amazing. Anyways, after she passed away I went to my tattoo artist and gave him an idea of what I wanted, trusting him I let him do whatever he wanted with the idea and he did. He freehanded the banner and the word. Kid is what I called her so I wanted to get Kid instead of her name because I wanted it to be more personal. Anyways I hope you enjoy it. R.I.P. Kid Love You.


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Shep’s Fallen Heroes Tattoo

Monday, August 18th, 2008

photo of shep's fallen heroes tattoo
Shep’s Fallen Heroes Tattoo

My name is Shep. I just recently got this tattoo done in Anderson South Carolina at Artistic Ink. Lance Wilson hooked it up for me.

I choose this design for many different reasons. I am an Operation Iraqi Freedom war veteran, and a proud American. I am dealing with being out of the military right now. Its not an easy road to go down. For three years that was the life I knew and now I am starting over. Some times a fresh start isn’t the easy way to go. I picked this tattoo in part to help me remember the good times I had, and to honor those Heroes we lost during this time.

You can see there are 5 stars showing on the folded Burial Flag, those stars each represent one Hero from my unit. Some of those guys I did not know personally, but I occasionally cry for them and their families (as I type this). At any point in my tour I could have been represented by a burial flag.

The grieving mother/wife/sister is there to represent all who have lost someone due to war. I simply cant imagine how it would feel to lose a family member in this war. I hope I never have to find out.

This tattoo is very nice and a really cool looking tattoo, but it is much more than just another cool tattoo. This is to forever remember those fallen heroes.


Jack’s Mom Tattoo Portrait

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

photo of Jack's Mom Tattoo
Jack’s Mother Tattoo

This is a tattoo I recently got. It’s not all the way done and I am now considering turning it into a 1/2 sleeve. It’s a photo of my mom when she was 20 years old and getting married for the first time.

The reason I got it is just because it’s my mom, it’s an awesome picture and she’s an awesome person and has always been there for me and always helped me when I needed it. It’s on my right forearm. I plan on getting my dad and grandma tattooed on me as well, but that will have to wait.


Tattoo Artist: Karl Otto
Tattoo Shop: Twisted Images in Louisville, KY

Story Behind Ivory’s Death Tattoo

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Sandman Death Tattoo on Arm
Death Tattoo inspired by The Sandman

This lil ink blotch was probably around ten years in the making. It has been in my mind in some form for at least that long. About a year ago I decided to put things into motion and finally commit to getting it done.

I had originally intended to do the art myself but my once upon a time talent has over many years of neglect and un-use eroded away like a sand castle at high tide. I spent a few days doing very rough sketches and jotting down notes in the margins trying to get all the info from lo those many years onto the paper so I could hand it off to another more capable illustrator to bring to life.

I then put together a very short list of artists who had worked on The Sandman that I thought would be right for the job. I settled on Richard Case (remembered most for his classic run on Doom Patrol) for many reasons including a) He’s a super nice guy. b) He’s a fellow NCer. c) He worked on one of my fav arcs of Sandman. d) His style is very similar to where my own style was headed. and e) His art looked like it would translate well to being tattooed.

Rich took my sketches and notes and did an amazing job. There was very little that I asked him to change from his earliest sketches. I took his finished art and laid out the text in a graphics program myself.

Last but not least was the search for a Tattoo artist that I thought was good enough to do the work. No hacks for me, only true artists. My first choice fell through. He’s a busy, busy man. I settled on Sarah Peacock of studios in Wilmington, NC a lovely and talented British lady. She did a marvelous job, especially in helping me add a touch of color to the piece which I really wanted.

Eventually it will be a half sleeve but I’m still working on what I want as the background. Then I will book more time with Sarah. There is loads of symbolism packed into the design including a Blue Jay perched on the cross that is in memory of my Dad whose name was Jay. When Mom passes a Bumble Bee will be added to honor her, her name is Bea.

It’s all about the yin and yang of life and death, light and dark and how they balance and define each other. The Gaelic on the base of the cross is roughly translated as “My heart is within you”. All comments are welcome and appreciated.



Design: Ivory, Richard Case
Tattoo Artist: Sarah Peacock, studios, Wilmington, NC

Tattoo Story – Thomas’ Buffalo on a Bicycle

Friday, April 27th, 2007

tattoo of a buffalo riding a bike

Is that the coolest buffalo-on-a-bike tattoo you’ve ever seen, or what?!?

My new tattoo based on my buffalo-on-a-bike design, which is also uploaded a few pictures back. Why a buffalo on a bike? Do you really have to ask?

I’ve had this design idea in my head for at least a year. I had a guy I know draw a slightly different version of it a while ago, but this version I made myself by combining a buffalo silhouette that I found on the interweb with the bike symbol from a bike path sign. I had to stretch the buffalo’s legs a bit to fit them onto the pedals (buffalo aren’t exactly easy to anthropomorphise), and I angled the buffalo’s tail back with the wind, and then angled the front legs to rest them on the handlebars. It was fun. And now it’s permanently tattooed on my left shoulder.

I got it done at Shamus McInky’s in South Buffalo. The tattoo below it is from 1993.

-Thomas – Bike Blog