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Allison’s Taurus Symbol Tattoo Story

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Allison's Taurus Symbol Neck Tattoo
Allison’s Taurus Symbol Tattoo Story

A few years ago my dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Just before he started his chemo, he came home with a brand new tattoo. It was a bull that had my name across it in a scroll. Naturally it was because I was a Taurus and quite bull headed but down to earth.

Fast forward a couple months and he has since passed on. I have always wanted a tattoo, and was thinking of something I could get in the memory of my father, since he had gotten himself tattooed for me. Since he was a Taurus and just as bull headed as I, I decided on the basic Taurus symbol for my tattoo. In essence, the tattoo is both a symbol of myself and my father as one.

Not only that, but through previous research I had learned that the Taurus astrological symbol is said to rule over the neck and throat (seeing as Taurus’s can often be lazy or gluttonous). So, the placement of the neck was my first choice for this one. As an added bonus, it’s easy to cover up if needed for work or other situations where tattoos aren’t readily accepted.

- Allison

Tattoo Artist: Carl
Tattoo Studio: Wildcard Tattoo in Newark, D

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Dragonfly Tattoo with Tribal Markings

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Dragonfly Tribal Tattoo
Dragonfly Tattoo with Tribal Markings

I have always been fond of Dragonflies ever since I was a child. their free spirited movements, lust for life and never-ending vast array of color and structure always mystified me.

A few years ago I experienced a life changing event and realized that unbeknownst to me, I truly was a dragonfly at heart. I decided to tribute this piece to myself and my new life. I am an emerging free spirit with a zest  for life and change.

The artist-ink pusher is Pike, and at the time he was at Shivas in Ybor City, Tampa FL.

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