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The Story Behind Kelsey’s Coldplay Tattoo

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Picture of kelsey's Coldplay Tattoo
Kelsey’s Coldplay Tattoo

Me and my best friend decided to get the same tattoo a few years back, so we got a few stars on our wrist. I’d also gotten a butterfly on my arm after snapping up a cancellation while my friend was getting one done.

I decided I was going to get something in between both and was just going to get stars. I looked around a few places but hadn’t chosen a design or an artist yet. My dad used to sing Coldplay – Yellow to me when it first came out and I’ve always being a huge Coldplay fan. My dad passed away but instead of just getting ‘Dad’ I decided to get something that means something to me.

So here is my tattoo! I’m constantly getting compliments about it which are forwarded to my amazing artist. After a month or so I still can’t stop staring at it, its magical and I love it. To everyone else its just lyrics but to me it matters the most ;D


Tattoo Artist: Julie
Tattoo Studio: Sacred Fortune, Allerton Road, Liverpool

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Asher’s Spiral Star Tattoo

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Star Tattoo on Wrist
Asher’s Star Tattoo

When I was 13 I really started to have problems with depression and mood swings and I was diagnosed as being Manic-Bipolar. I started struggling with school and family and friends. In my freshman year in Highschool, I hit rock bottom and turned to cutting to help relieve the stress and pain I was feeling. No one seemed to understand so it became my own secret.

Over the years, I have been working on overcoming this choice or release. I needed to find something that would help me stay away from hurting myself. I started sketching and came up with this design. I chose the star design because of my love for celestial things and the colors are my favorite, red and black. I decided to put it on my left wrist because that was my arm that is the most scarred, that way I could look at it whenever I was feeling down or depressed.

The spiral stands for the path that I don’t want to go down again. To me, it’s a downward spiral that I’ve fallen down before and I know that I’m strong enough to handle my depression. So now, if I ever get the urge to hurt myself or I get really down, I can look at my wrist and know that I can over come it.

- Asher

Tattoo artist: “M” at Aftershock Tattoo in Olathe, KS

Tattoo Story – Lizzie’s Stars

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

lizzie's black stars arm tattoo
Lizzie’s Forearm Star Tattoos

I had the black stars tattoo added to my arm shortly after my 19th birthday in response to contacting and meeting my birth parents. The top black star represents my mum and dad who have raised me, the other 2 stars represent my birth mother and my birth father.

I’ve spent nearly 2 years getting to know them both and the siblings that I have from each of them and decided that the tattoo needed to be finished with the addition of those siblings. Each outline represents a different one. The top one being my adopted brother who I have grown up with. I chose to get his star at the top because he is the closest connection to who I am. When our parents are dead and gone he will be the person I turn to in order to help me remember them.

The four stars at the bottom represent my half brother Perry (from my birth father) my half sister Hannah (from my birth mother) and my 2 other half sisters Dana and Molly (also from my birth father)

Although my star tattoo isn’t much to look at I do get a lot of questions about it and it has an important meaning to me.

Tattoo Story – Boris: Sibling Stars

Friday, June 23rd, 2006

Well….about my stars tattoo….hmm….I always wanted something with relation to my family, actually only my younger brother and my older sister.

I talked to them and asked them what symbol they most identify themselves with and both, independent from each other, said that they would say it’s a star!

I choose my left chest because I wanted something close to my heart – cuz my brother and my sister are, and always will be, my brother and my sister. And to not forget me I added a star for me! So the 3 big ones are for the 3 of us! The small ones are to make a full picture out of it!


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Tattoo Story – Daerice: Masculine and Feminine

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
angel devil tattoo
Masculine and Feminine Tattoo

This tattoo is about my first heartbreak. When my first love and I permanently split I decided to get this tattoo, both the cleanse some of the pain, mark the time, and to make a promise to myself. I decided that no matter how much it hurt I wasn’t going to be bitter or give up my dream which is this tattoo. A complete circle created by two complimentary elements, that of the masculine and feminine.

I designed this one myself, but it was a combination of artists who created the final image you see here. First I described it to a friend named Bernie who drew it out. The first tatto artist to work on it was a guy named Kelly, a Mormon biker in Reno. He filled in the male side really well, but only traced out the female side minimally. I sat for him about 2 hours.

Years later in Seattle I went to see an artist named Magenta in a shop on Broadway and she put another 2.5 hours of ink into it. She basically did the female side herself – sort of freelance. I just let her go. I liked her work so well, I trusted her to do it right. She also put back in the yellow which had faded from the fiery parts. The photo I have here is years after Magenta’s work, so a lot of the yellow has faded again.

I really enjoy this tattoo and I have absolutely no regrets about it.


Tattoo Story – Daerice: Star of Babalon

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006
Thelemic magick tattoo

Star of Babylon Tattoo

I first took an interest in Thelemic magick some time around 1995. I started to read Crowley and become interested in ceremonial modern magick. After reading “The Book of the Law,” I was struck, like many impressionable young people, by the possibilities of Gematria.

“Thou shall obtain the order and value of the English alphabet. Thou shall find new symbols to attribute them unto” II 55 Liber Al

*An aside for those unfamiliar with these terms: Gematria is an attempt to connect language with mathematics and find therein correlations. What makes this endeavor truly interesting philosophically is that from a rational, mundane perspective, there really shouldn’t be any correlation between mathematics and language. Why not? Well, mathematics is based on scientific laws, and language is an arbitrary human construct. If some connection were found it would seem to indicate that there are broader patterns at work in the world around us. It would, in effect reveal something planned in our reality, by showing correlations in the real world, where none, logically ought to exist.

The first people to try and do this were the ancient Hebrews. Their work with Kabbalah was not only a system for religious understanding and illumination but also a complex attempt at creating a workable Gematria.

Okay, now fast forward to the beginning of the 20th century. Aleister Crowley writes a short text called “The Book of the Law.” It is both a riddle, a dare, and an attempt at prophecy. Only 25 pages long it has enormous ramifications for the next 100 years of interest in and the study of esoteric forms of knowledge. It challenges the reader to create a “new gematria” not using Hebrew, but English.

At the same time I was becoming interested in Thelema I met some other like minded individuals, one of whom was The Archetypal Theriomorph, and my late partner C. He and two other mages had recently developed a novel Gematria as a solution to the challenge posed by “The Book of the Law.” (BoL) I was so impressed with the power of their Gematria to behave as predicted by Thelemic prophesy, that I began to study it in earnest. It is, I think, to this day, unmatched in its power to link language and mathematics.

Perhaps the greatest attribute of the system is that the phrase “Six hundred and Sixty six” equals 0 (zero). And this is the most important omen of all. (We use “six hundred AND sixty six” because this is how Crowley wrote it.)

This is a prized correspondence, sought after for more than 100 years, and can only bring immense satisfaction and outright glee to those who care about the ramifications of a Gematria. Needless to say I was very taken by his success, When he passed away I was forever changed and decided to get a tattoo to honor his memory. The GON came to mind immediately, as it is one of his greatest achievement, in my mind.

For my tattoo I chose the seven pointed star of Babalon, because he made me feel and understand my own inner Babalon. In the center I placed his primordial equation, 666=0, beast=god, man=divinity or however you may choose to see it based on your particular lens for understanding. This correlation was one of his masterpieces. It collapses everything.

As it says in the BoL, “nothing is the secret key of this law” also. . .
“my number is 11 as all their numbers who are of us” . . .
Also “unite by thine art so that all disappear” . . .
In the GON:
Nothing = 11
Zero = 8
One = -8
Cosmos= 0
Will = 0

My tribute to it is a rather large tattoo covering most of my left hip.


This commentary continues in a longer version here:

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