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Carissas Hebrew Sister Tattoo Story

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Carissa Hebrew Wrist Tattoo
Carissa’s Hebrew Wrist Tattoo “Sister”

I just got my very first tattoo a month ago. I had been wanting to get one for a while and had a few in mind when my younger brother who is 20 called and was telling me about how him & my other brother (18 yrs) was going to get matching tattoos that mean brother in Hebrew and asked if I wanted to go with them to get sister and that he would pay for all of ours.

Right way, I knew I wanted to do it. Being a sister in one of the most things to me. My brothers & I have been through so much together. Not only was this my first tattoo but it was my youngest brother’s first one too. So we all went together & got it done. Also my husband went and got something totally diff but it was his first tattoo too. Now I have sister in Hebrew & they have brother.. I love it! It was a very meaningful tattoo & memory :)

Tattoo artist: Benjamin
Tattoo Studio: Artistry Ink

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The Story Behind Kelsey’s Coldplay Tattoo

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Picture of kelsey's Coldplay Tattoo
Kelsey’s Coldplay Tattoo

Me and my best friend decided to get the same tattoo a few years back, so we got a few stars on our wrist. I’d also gotten a butterfly on my arm after snapping up a cancellation while my friend was getting one done.

I decided I was going to get something in between both and was just going to get stars. I looked around a few places but hadn’t chosen a design or an artist yet. My dad used to sing Coldplay – Yellow to me when it first came out and I’ve always being a huge Coldplay fan. My dad passed away but instead of just getting ‘Dad’ I decided to get something that means something to me.

So here is my tattoo! I’m constantly getting compliments about it which are forwarded to my amazing artist. After a month or so I still can’t stop staring at it, its magical and I love it. To everyone else its just lyrics but to me it matters the most ;D


Tattoo Artist: Julie
Tattoo Studio: Sacred Fortune, Allerton Road, Liverpool

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The Story Behind Ivy’s Chest Tattoo

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Picture of girl with a chest tattoo
Ivy’s Memorial Chest Tattoo

My mother passed away when I was a freshman in High School, and she was the only parent I ever knew. So in memory of her, I got her name tattooed over my heart so she’d always be with me.


Inked by Perry Stratton - Splash of Color, Lansing, MI

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Liesl’s Tattoo Stories

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Japanese Kanji Tattoo Girl
Liesl’s Japanese Kanji Tattoo on her Back

Foot Tattoo of Wolf Print
Wolf Print Tattoo on Her Ankle

I got my first tattoo of 3 Japanese kanji’s. They say Spirit, Wolf, and Eagle. They are on my back so I can draw great strength from knowing that the 3 of them are always behind me.

My next tattoo is of a wolfs paw on my right ankle. This symbolizes the wolf always walking with me.

All my tattoos have a deep spiritual meaning to me.


Tattoo artist: Jumbo
Tattoo Studio: Jumbos Tattoos

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Sarahs Arabic Tattoo Story

Friday, November 20th, 2009

picture of a girl with arabic tattoo on her ribs
Sarah’s Arabic Name Tattoo Story

I am half middle eastern. I lived in Saudi Arabia for two years, and as I’ve become older I have really learned to love and embrace my culture. This tattoo, which is my name in Arabic, is simply for me to remember my heritage.


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Molly’s Hummingbird Tattoo Story

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Molly's Humming Bird Tattoo on her Shoulder
Molly’s Hummingbird Shoulder Tattoo

I grew up without a father and the next best thing i had was my grandfather. I was closer to him than anyone else in my family.

In spring of 2003 when i was 13 and in the 6th grade he was rushed to the hospital with pneumonia, he was in the hospital for three weeks before he passed away. I didn’t know what to do or how to feel. I never cried and i felt like i was in an episode of the Twilight Zone. Later that spring our backyard was full of hummingbirds i don’t know why, we didn’t have any flowers that attracted them we only had one little hummingbird feeder that hadn’t gotten any birds at all that spring.

Earlier that day my Grandmother was watching The Montel Williams show with famous psychic Sylvia Browne, Sylvia had said that those who have passed often send signs to loved ones. So my grandma, feeling sure of herself said “O.k. Don, if you are around keeping an eye on us send some hummingbirds to our feeder.” Just as soon as she was done saying that we had 3 birds at our feeder.

Now whenever i see a hummingbird i am reminded that my grandpa is with me and watching over me, and because of my tattoo i will always be reminded of it.

- Molly

Tattoo Artist: Aaron
Tattoo Studio: Arron is currently working at Scuttlebutt Tattoo.

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Agamid’s Tolkien Tattoo Story

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

girl with tolkein tattoo in her cleavage

Agamid’s Tolkien Cleavage Tattoo

My third tat (the symbol between my breasts) is the Tolkien symbol – if you don’t know what that is, please go to your local library, pick up a copy of one of his books and look for it. It’s his signature. I’ve always loved Tolkien’s books. I grew up hearing them as bedtime stories. To me, he was the best writer ever born and the father of the fantasy genre as we know it. He’s my hero.

This tat is the first of what are going to be several Tolkien themed tats. I want a couple of original Tolkien illustrated dragons to flank the symbol and the tree of Gondor on my back. Lucky for me my tattoo artist is a massive Tolkien fan too.

- agamid

Tattoo Artist: Loz
Tattoo Studio: Westside Tattoo, Westend, Brisbane, Australia

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Angelamarie’s Bambino Tattoo Story

Monday, December 1st, 2008

girl with tattoo on her shoulder

Angelamarie’s Bambino Shoulder Tattoo

I have two tattoos, but the one that means the most to me is the simplest. It is the word “Bambino”, tattooed on the back of my right shoulder.

I am five years older than my baby brother, and I used to call him Bambino when we were kids. Not sure why, we are German heritage, not Italian…but for some reason, it stuck.

When he was 28, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. When he was 29, he died. It was the most horrible thing in our lives. But I also found what was most important to me.

So now I wear his nickname from childhood on my body. He is the angel on my shoulder, watching out for me.

- angelamarie

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Terri’s Feet Hearts Tattoo Story

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

heart tattoo on foot
Terri’s Feet Hearts Tattoo Story

I wanted to get something to represent my parents and everything they’ve done for me over the last 20 years; for all their love and support. I have always liked the look of ‘old school’ tattoos, so I decided on the two hearts, one for Mum and one for Dad.

As for placement, I knew that getting my feet tattooed would hurt (and it did!!!) but I figured that my parents got me on my feet, so now I have them on my feet :)

Cheesy, but it works

- Terri

Tattoo Artist: Sean Jackson
Tattoo Studio: Tattoo Magic, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

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Les’s Wild Geese Poem Tattoo

Monday, September 1st, 2008
Marys Wild Geese Poem Tattoo

Les's Wild Geese Poem Tattoo

Yesterday, I went to the Body Art Expo at the Cow Palace, with the art in hand for a new tattoo.

The quote is taken from a poem called Wild Geese by Mary Oliver, which I first heard during a massage sometime in the mid-1990s, from a massage therapist I worked with regularly from 1993 to 2002. It spoke to me of the “I need to listen to myself” and to be present in my body.

I chose a Bernoulli spiral, because to me it represents growth, change, movement, cycles, and changing perspectives. The font is penshurst, which I like because of the curliques on the h, m, n, v and y. lj user=the_ogre helped me translate my concept into a design.

The original design, as shown here is slightly smaller.

Click for a picture of the final product, as well as more information about the tattooing process.