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Laurel’s Ankh Blue-Rose Ankle Tattoo

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Laurel’s Ankh & Blue Rose Tattoo


I absolutely adore my grandmother and decided my tattoo would consist of her tattoo as well as my own unique addition. The Ankh is in the same place as my grandmother’s (on the inside left ankle). The blue rose symbolizes me as I see myself as a rose – nonthreatening at first glance, but under my exterior I have thorns to protect myself.

I choose the blue color as my eyes are blue and are the first thing people notice about me. On the rose there are three thorns symbolizing my parents and my brother. I love them dearly and are always protecting my fragile life. I thought of this design for two years before finally getting up the courage to get it this year and I LOVE it <3

- Laurel

Tattoo Studio: The Blue Tiger – Durango, CO

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Amber’s Flower Tattoo Story

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
The story behind Amber’s memorial Flower Tattoo

On March 23, 2005, I lost a child. Getting this tattoo was such a huge deal to me because this was something that I wanted to get for a long time. I finally got it this year.

I don’t need a tattoo to remind me of that day. It is something that will stay with me forever.


Tattoo Artist: Bub
Tattoo Studio: TNT Tattoos in Van Wert, Ohio

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The Story Behind Natty’s Rose Tattoo

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

girl with rose tattoo on her shoulder

Natty’s Rose Tattoo Story

My boyfriend and I dated for 2 years and during those years, he was falling apart with his father… The relationship between them became insanely bad that he got kicked out of his own house, so my father and I let him in. Eventually, his father kicked him out of school and depression and suicide attempts started.

ADM are the initials of his name

08.07.09 is the date that he died. Everytime I am reminded of this date, I know that I have to keep moving forward because I cannot turn my life around. At one point, I was suicidal myself but I was so glad I was still alive because I met him… but now that’s he’s gone, I have to keep walking the path that I hope he will help me go through because I know this is what he wants me to do…

The Rose is the symbol of our love. My boyfriend dedicated this song “Kiss from a rose” by Seal and ever since, he has nick named me “his rose”. He said I was like a rose: beautiful to look at but hard to hold. Though once possessed, it’s even more beautiful to have.


Tattoo Artist: Ken
Tattoo Studio: BOOM

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Ashley’s Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoo

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

flower tattoo on feet

Ashley’s Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoo

I really wanted a tattoo with my kids names in it somehow. I had no idea what I wanted to get. I went in to a local shop to talk to the artist about some ideas. He thought of a cherry blossom branch. I liked the idea, however I didn’t like both kids names written out in full. It didn’t look right. So we decided to sneak in the first initial of each of the kids names in to the middle of the flowers. A “C” for Cameron, and a “M” for Marley. There you have it! The story.

Closeup of tattoo – Can you find the kid’s initials?

Tattoo done at Elite Custom Tattoo by Bedo

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Dyanna’s Heart Tattoo Picture and Story

Monday, September 15th, 2008

heart tattoo on ribs
Dyanna’s Heart Tattoo Story

Here’s the story behind my heart tattoo. My mom raised me and my brother essentially alone. It was hard, but she did a great job. I love her to pieces, she’s my best friend.

Two years ago, my mom had open heart surgery. One of the valves in her heart was very leaky, and it caused her a ton of problems. She ended up being in the hospital for 2 straight weeks, recovering. She would’ve been out sooner, but she stopped breathing one day, and had to have a pacemaker put in.

The day she stopped breathing, was the first day I wasn’t going to go see her in the hospital, I called her room on my way to work, and someone picked up, said her name twice, and hung up on me. It had just happened. The entire experience was really hard on me, seeing my mom like that. She pulled through, and while I’ve always wanted one, I knew from then that I would get a tattoo in her honor.

So the heart has a bandage because it’s repaired. And it’s inside a rose because while it may be a slightly damaged heart, it’s encased in something very beautiful. (I asked my mom last year in preparation for this what her favorite flower was, and she told me roses. So last year for her birthday, I sent her roses to throw her off my trail. :D And it’s purple because if it was red there’d be too much red, and purple is my favorite color. Haha.)

Placement because it’s close to my own heart, it’s somewhere easily hidden/no one will see it unless I want them to.

Design and ink done by Mike Ski.

Tutu for funsies ;)

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Brittany’s Unbreakable Tattoo

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

unbreakable Tattoo on Shoulder
Brittany’s Unbreakable Tattoo

A few months after I turned 18 I went with one of my friends when she got a tattoo. Looking back I probably should have waited to look around at other shops to get such a large piece on my back but, I got it and even with its flaws, I love it.

Up until I was 17 I suffered through sexual abuse when I was very young, never having a real father figure, finding a suicide victim when I was 12 (my step father), being prone to severe depression and when I was 17 losing my mom and big brother within two weeks of each other. Honestly, I dont like to lay it all out there but it needs to be known for the reasons of my tattoo. I got it to remind myself that no matter how hard a situation, I can get through it; no matter how much it seems like Im going to break, I wont.

Ive lead a hard life up until the age of 17 and Im not ‘screwed up’ because of it. I managed to still have a pretty level head on my shoulders and not let hard things get in my way of living life. Unbreakable represents how I live. It represents everything Ive gone through and how I plan on living the rest of my life.

The word Unbreakable represents me. The cherry blossoms remind me to live life to the fullest and no regrets. Its on the back of my right shoulder, taking up basically the whole upper right section of my upper back. I plan to add more to it later on.

- Brittany

Tattoo Story – Maggie’s Swallow Tattoo

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

swallow tattoo on shoulder
Maggie’s Swallow Tattoo Cover-Up

I got this tattoo in summer ’06, it’s covering up a spur-of-the-moment 18th birthday tattoo, which happened to be the good old Nirvana drunken smiley face (see picture below). I decided that I’d rather have a tattoo that had a meaning behind it, so I got this swallow to cover it up. It was designed and done by Sean at Voodoo Monkey in Cleveland, OH.

To me it symbolizes freedom. A few months before getting it I “left the nest” so to speak, and moved 1400 miles from home to a place I had never been before. The reason for the flower: the swallow will never be able to put it down, just like I feel I will never be able to settle down for too long in one place.


Tattoo Artist: Sean at Voodoo Monkey, Cleveland, OH

Nirvana Tattoo
Original Nirvana Smiley Tattoo

Tattoo Story – Jackie: Roisin Dubh Tattoo

Sunday, August 6th, 2006

Photo of irish rose tattoo
Jackie’s Roisin Dubh Tattoo

My Roisin Dubh tattoo has a many layered meaning.

My father’s family is Irish, and my mother is South Korean. Roisin Dubh means “Black Rose” in Gaelic. I look more asian than Irish so it confuses most people to see an asian girl with Gaelic on her. They think it spells out my name. I’ve actually had people argue with me about my heritage. Which I find quite funny, because my last name is obviously Irish. I figure I’m quite dark for an Irish girl.

My birth month is June, so my birth flower is the rose. My tattoos with flowers have roses in them, so this just ties into the rest. This is also the only tattoo I have right now that is visible when I’m wearing my regular work clothes. (I work in a hospital.) Since it’s so well done, I haven’t had any complaints about it. And it’s usually the older people who absolutely love it. They seem to love the fact that I’m Irish.

And the last reason…I adore the band Flogging Molly. They have a song called “To Youth (My Sweet Roisin Dubh). It’s the song I love the best out of all their songs, so I got this to pay tribute to the band. Plus, no one who isn’t a Flogging Molly fan knows what it means, so it kind of helps me to find other fans. I’ve also shown it to the band member I met and he loved it.

John at Smiling Buddha Tattoo shop did this one. They are based in Savannah and Statesboro, Georgia. He works at the Savannah shop. I love his work and all the artists there are great. I’ve gotten all my tattoos except one done there. If you’re ever in the Savannah, GA area, go see them. They are some of the best artists I’ve ever met.


Inked by John at Smiling Buddha – Savannah, GA

Tattoo Story – Monique: Koi Tattoo

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
Koi tattoo Photo
Koi tattoo Photo
Moniques’s Koi Tattoo

These are two seprate tats done by two different artists in different shops but they came together nicely.

I have five tattoos but I love my arm work because it was done after both my grandparents passes away. They would have killed me for having them but always taught me to be free and not care what others think of me and to flow like the water. I want to continue working on my arm and include my mom and lil bros and sis in it too but my g-rents are what inspired the pieces I have now.

The Koi, even though it brings luck, can be a fighter just like me! The water lily is my home, something beautiful but you can still seek haven in, just like my grandparents!

- Monique

Tattoo Story – Back Tattoos

Friday, June 30th, 2006
shoulder tattoos

I was a drug abuser for many many years and lost sight of who I was and who I cared about…The tattoos across my back are like this…..The forever love tattoo was for my grandparents who died while I was in drug treatment…..The scorpio and the leo symbol are for me and my best friend with out whom I wouldnt have stayed clean…..The tiger represents the old me breaking through into the new place I want to be….


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