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Kara’s Yellow Bird and Bluebird Tattoo Story

Bluebird Tattoo Girl
Kara’s Yellow and Bluebird Tattoo

I got this tattoo in two parts. The first part was the quote, which reads “wine, poetry, or virtue, as you wish, but be drunk”, which is a quote from the French poet Charles Baudelaire. It was all about self-indulgence to the point of happiness because my grandfather had just passed away, and it made me realize the value of our time.

The next summer I got the birds. The bluebird is from Charles Bukowski’s “Bluebird”, and is a symbol of finding a vulnerability and true goodness within the self. The yellow bird is a concept from the Bright Eyes album, I’m Wide Awake and It’s Morning, and serves as a symbol for a hopefulness in another person. The blue bird is slightly lower on my body to show that you have to love yourself first, and the flowers in the yellow birds mouth are three zinnias, which show constancy and remembrance and are dedicated to the three closest people in my life.

- Kara

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