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Laurel’s Ankh Blue-Rose Ankle Tattoo

Laurel’s Ankh & Blue Rose Tattoo


I absolutely adore my grandmother and decided my tattoo would consist of her tattoo as well as my own unique addition. The Ankh is in the same place as my grandmother’s (on the inside left ankle). The blue rose symbolizes me as I see myself as a rose – nonthreatening at first glance, but under my exterior I have thorns to protect myself.

I choose the blue color as my eyes are blue and are the first thing people notice about me. On the rose there are three thorns symbolizing my parents and my brother. I love them dearly and are always protecting my fragile life. I thought of this design for two years before finally getting up the courage to get it this year and I LOVE it <3

- Laurel

Tattoo Studio: The Blue Tiger – Durango, CO

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