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Samantha’s Dragonfly Tattoo Story

Dragonfly Tattoo Photo
Samantha’s Dragonfly Tattoo

From the time I was 3 until I was about 13 my stepfather sexually molested me almost every night. In 7th grade I finally told someone and it seemed as if my life would always revolve around him and what I went through as a child. 5 years later I decided that it was time to put it all behind me and start with a clean slate.

I live in NY, but I got this tattoo in Canada, 2 months after my 18th birthday. My dad designed it for me with the tattoo artist that day. It means so much more to me because of that.

The dragonfly symbolizes endurance and my mental and emotional growth and maturity. It is said that people who have the dragonfly as their totem have had passionate and emotional early years, but as they grow older they achieve emotional and mental clarity and control. That’s me.

The character to the dragonfly’s left is the kanji symbol for “LIFE.” The symbol is a reminder to me that I have so much to live for, that the life I lead for last ten years does not have to be the one that leads me for the next ten.

And if you look closely there is an “S” where the dragonfly’s body should be because I am that creature and that creature is me.


- Samantha

Tattoo Artist: Sergei
Lower East Side Tattoo and Body Peircing – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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11 Responses to “Samantha’s Dragonfly Tattoo Story”

  1. Jeanna Says:

    Your tattoo is beautiful. What is even more beautiful is your courage and determination to rise above the wrongs that have been done to you and not let it set a path for your life. Good for you! Take Care!

  2. Lorena Serrano Says:

    The tattoo is beautiful but the meaning behind it is more precious than you know. I lost my son two years ago in an accident and he loved the dragonfly. The dragonfly symbolizes the way my son lived his life. Good for you for you have taken the that step to change your life and you have inspired me. God Bless you!

  3. Tracie Says:

    Samantha – thank you for sharing your story. I can’t tell you the motivation you’ve give me.

    Your father did a simply *amazing* design.

    Best to you,


  4. Christina Says:

    Thanks for your story,,I could not image, even though i was touched by other person,. Myself I have 3 dragonflies on my body,, to me they are spirital and free, how I wish my life was. I really hope you the best in life, for you deserve a adult life and missing your child life. Look up to GOD and he will make things better for you,, as I am trying my hardest to let him in my life.

  5. Heather Says:

    What a beautiful tattoo. Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. sondra Says:

    sam is this you? i didnt know that about you… and its a beautiful tattoo

  7. Deana Lynn Says:

    I was searching the web for a copy of the Dragonfly Story and ran across your story. I can so relate!!! I had one of those step dads! Yuck! The dragonfly story is an awesome memory for me. A dear friend read it at my fathers memorial service. My father died on 01/01/01. I have several tattoos of dragonflies. At his service an overwhelming # of guests brought condolence gifts. Each was a dragonfly something or other. Each guest was unrelated to the next. Then my friend read this story. I have gifted it several times and am doing so again to a wonderful friend who just lost her dad. I was 4 when my step dad dad stole from me the young lady and woman I could have been. I was almost 10 when I finally found a nights sleep when I went to live w/ my real dad and his wife. I was 25 when my mother died… She never knew what he had done. A # of years later they divorced. I was 27 when my father died. He knew… I am 35 today and my the grace of God and the strength and memories if my beloved father- I AM the woman I was meant to be. I am a more powerful strong woman with the experience of my childhood sadness and am grateful to have the strength, peace, and the love of myself that all those years ago someone threatened to rob. Thank you for sharing your story! It is people like us that help the ones who are still hurting and being hurt. I hope you really do read this. I have never left a blog msg. before. I am very compelled to tell you how I admire your strength and will to survive!

  8. Jamie M. Says:

    Hey samantha,

    I’m really sorry to hear your story and I admire your strength and how you put it behind you. The tattoo is beautiful.


  9. Blazer Says:

    HI Samantha, I want to say congrats to your accomplishments. I too had a similar life but was a grand dad, I too have gotten an Dragonfly on my neck.. for good luck and to show that I have what it takes to get through any thing I may encounter. good luck on your path of life, take care and play safe.

  10. Joanne Says:

    Hi Samantha, I too was molested by a grandparent (family member) I also will be getting the dragonfly tattoo in April. Good Luck in your future endeavors. Keep up the spirit. Life can only get better if you believe in yourself. love JR

  11. jess Says:

    WOW that is very unique as well as beautiful. very nice :)

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