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Sarahs Arabic Tattoo Story

picture of a girl with arabic tattoo on her ribs
Sarah’s Arabic Name Tattoo Story

I am half middle eastern. I lived in Saudi Arabia for two years, and as I’ve become older I have really learned to love and embrace my culture. This tattoo, which is my name in Arabic, is simply for me to remember my heritage.


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5 Responses to “Sarahs Arabic Tattoo Story”

  1. girly tattoo Says:

    This is a very, very nice tattoo and a very clever place to have it, too. First, not everybody can see it right away and it will stay where it is when you grow older.

    Normally I would say, what sense does it make to have a tattoo with your name – can’t you remember it? But in this case the arabic letters are really beautiful and remembering this part of your culture really is a good reason for doing so.

    Did you get this tattoo somewhere in the Middle East? And is there a tattoo culture for women?

  2. moin Says:

    love the tattoo, and as an answer to the previous commenter, hey tattooed names can come real handy should one be involved in an horrible accident, or is unconscious, or has memory loss, in identifying that person :)

  3. Olga Says:

    I would like to know how my name be in arabic letters thank you

  4. Ahmed Says:

    @ Olga… here is your name in Arabic… ????? or ?????

  5. Ahmed Says:

    Sorry, not supported

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