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Tattoo Story – Mel: Embellishment

back tattoo

Ever since I was in college (1997), I’ve thought about getting a tattoo. I could never decide what I wanted. In one of my printmaking classes I came up with a design very similar to my tattoo. I thought it would make a great tattoo so I played around with similar designs.

The above tattoo design had been drawn out on paper and sat in my desk for over 4 years. After a devastating breakup and the realization of singledom after 8 years of being in relationships, I knew I had to start doing things just for me. I was finally going to get my tattoo. I dug out my picture, still loved it after all that time, and knew that that was my symbol. My symbol of womanly independance.

I called in an impromtu appointment and within a few hours I was getting inked for the first time with my friend’s Ben and Tara by my side.

- mel

Tattoo Design: Mel Vyvyan
Inked by: Joey at Bodyworks, Greenfield, WI

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  1. aussie Says:

    OMG!I love it.

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