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Tattoo Story – Michelle: Peacock Feather

peacock feather tattoo
Peacock Feather Tattoo

Over the last year or so I have been thinking of getting a back piece that would be unique, yet beautiful in its own way. I started looking more and more and came across the amazing color and captivation of the peacock.

I started looking online and in books but never quite saw the quality or likeness that I thought I would want. When it came down to it, I purchased an actual peocock feather and took it to Tattoo Artist Chris Brusby from Studio M Tattoo. From the feather he drew what I believe to be a very real and natural image of the feather. I didn’t want anything that was cartoony or abstract. So his idea and drawing was perfect.

The piece is mainly a ton of outlining and lines that make up the upper part and stem of the feather. Painful, but the outcome exceeded my expectations. I knew that when I asked Chris what colors he used and he said “ask me what colors I didn’t use!” that I was going to be amazed! His wife even mentioned that you can really tell when he gets into a tattoo, the end result reflects his interest in the piece.

I am completely happy with my tattoo and the beauty that it shows. Although it may not represent a person or a individual meaning, it reflects me in its own way.

- Michelle R

Tattoo Artist: Chris Brusby – Studio M Tattoo

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9 Responses to “Tattoo Story – Michelle: Peacock Feather”

  1. Emgee Says:

    That is a very beautiful and unique piece! Quite life-like indeed!

  2. Lee Says:

    i work at a restaurant that has numerous peacocks on the grounds, and i think that is probably the most lifelike feather i’ve ever seen. your artist did a great job :)

  3. Susan Says:

    Beautiful tattoo; I love it!

  4. Gina Says:

    Chris has done work on me and I am so happy with it! That is so beautifu! I am not suprised on how great it is!

  5. Says:

    This is really beautiful. Please post it on my site.

  6. Autumn Says:

    This is killer and incredibly beautiful. I hope you don’t mind that I printed it to use as an example of the type of peacock feathers I want for my arm. My artist does custom work, but this piece really seemed so lifelike and gorgeous. I’m getting two wrapped around my arm along with a sliced open pomegranate with seeds falling from it.

    Thanks for sharing the story of your tattoo.

  7. SJS Says:

    Amaaaazing!! Beautiful.

  8. Harrison Bilal Says:

    Well I am quite sure that it would not be new for you but your blog s fantastic! I am sure that many guys would have told you before but I thought to let you know myself and boost your confidence.

  9. betsy Says:

    i really want a tattoo of a similar peacock feather along the side of my torso. i really like this piece and am really inspired to take a different route to finding my perfect feather

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