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Tattoo Story – Tami: Mama Bear

bear tattoo

I’m a big fan of animals. One of my most favorites is the bear, any type of bear.

Being a dedicated single mother for 17 years I have a lot of admiration for a mother bear that has to protect her young from the dangers of nature all by herself.

I liked this particular drawing illustrating a bear as if she is in the process of protecting her young as I always feel I’m doing with my 15 & 17 year old girls.

-Tami (Chapel Hill, NC)

Tattoo by: Lea Smith – Lucky Lady Tattoo in Greensboro, NC
(she also did my Mud Flap Girls and Mowing Dog tattoos)

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One Response to “Tattoo Story – Tami: Mama Bear”

  1. aussie Says:

    I love this tattoo.It looks so insperational. I love the story too.

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