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Tattoo Story – Boris: Sibling Stars

Well….about my stars tattoo….hmm….I always wanted something with relation to my family, actually only my younger brother and my older sister.

I talked to them and asked them what symbol they most identify themselves with and both, independent from each other, said that they would say it’s a star!

I choose my left chest because I wanted something close to my heart – cuz my brother and my sister are, and always will be, my brother and my sister. And to not forget me I added a star for me! So the 3 big ones are for the 3 of us! The small ones are to make a full picture out of it!


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20 Responses to “Tattoo Story – Boris: Sibling Stars”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I absolutely love your tattoo and the story behind it.

  2. Allison Says:

    I also have a 3-star tattoo for my 2 older brothers and myself. It is on my foot, and I have 3 different colored stars with a letter in each for our first names.

  3. Stephaine Says:

    I actually think the tattoo is very insperational, my father died in a car wreck back in 1998 and i also have a star tattoo on my left shoulder to symbolize the fact that he’s always with me.

  4. The Big Cheese Says:

    Thank you for the inspiration, I designed my latest tattoo based off yours! I did more of a short sleeve compiled of around 30 stars. The pattern is basically the same, however the format of the stars are a bit different! I really have to thank you for posting this pic, I love my new tat and I couldn’t have done it exactly the way I wanted without seeing yours first! Thanks again, and please check out a picture!

  5. The Big Cheese Says:

    If you want to ask any more questions or any follow ups just go ahead and send me a comment here! Peace!

  6. michelle Says:

    i actually just got a star tattoo with my friend. we got it as a sign of friendship and strength. We are going in less than a month to get more added on to ours… we liked how you did your whole coladge. It’s very awesome and stands for something awesome!

  7. Jen Says:

    I totally love your tattoo… Im about to a star tattoo of my own… You also have am awesome story behind it!

  8. Candi Says:

    Love it, I have one star below my ankle for my sister. Im getting more to add to it.

  9. Laura Says:

    i love your tattoo!!!! i have 3 shooting nautical stars. which is a symbol for guidance. btw! your amazing hot!!!!!

  10. aussie Says:

    I love it im going to get somthing simaler.Im getting anstar with my neases name in it.

  11. dustin Says:

    pretty cool. if on a chick….stars are over done and way girly. Looks good though….if your gay.

  12. Adam Says:

    Cheers for the inspiration, like it alot, just what i’ve bee thinkin of… Want mine to go a little further over the shoulder though. Thanks

  13. biLLy vaLentine Says:

    [HEY BORIS: love the stars, man, love yer name too. give my love to Natasha :) Anyway: my knuckles say HARD LUCK, got my right inside forearm dedicated to Jesus & Sacred Heart. have a bazillion or so bitchin' dice, various lucky charms, my band logo, my backpiece, a wealth of words-names-poems, 2 or 3 ship's anchors (Sailor fetish? Guilty as charged) and many others, woven into my full L & R sleeves picturing the air/wind (left sleeve) and hot rod flames (right sleeve), MY STARS: 3 on each forearm, increasingly bigger as they move from wrist to elbow: RED...GREEN...finally BLUE W/WHITE hi-lites (dig that white-Ink) I dig your stars... beautiful! smaller stars add depth, color empasizes neg. space. your reasons for adding stars to your hot little body are beyond reproach. Nice colour, too.

    My man Dustin has no F-in' idea what in the hell he's talking about. You rock & so do yer stars. xox, biLLy valentine

  14. Ella Says:

    That looks awesome!
    P.S. Very hot.

  15. amy grace Says:

    that’s damn sexy..

  16. Danielle E Says:

    i love ur tattoo i’ve been thinking of having a tattoo for a while now and would like to have something to represent the people who are important in my life.
    i have an older brother and 2 younger sisters (one on my dads side of the family and one on my moms)
    my sister on my moms side is like a daughter to me as i have looked after her all her life but now i have moved away i don’t get to see her much any more and would like somethig to remind me of her….i definately think i should ask her what symbol she would most identify with herself!!
    thanks for the unintended idea :)

  17. Jackie Says:

    You are really good looking…..damn. hot.

  18. Christine Says:

    I think your tattoo looks great! My cross tattoo was for my grandma and I’m getting a cluster of stars for the rest of my family too but most likely on my foot or maybe behind my ear. All my tattoo’s have to really mean something to me. I’m having a hard time with choosing the sizes and placement though. I really love how you kept yours simple and it looks amazing. Guys with tattoos are the hottest.

  19. Tori Says:

    Damn that’s hot

  20. Tori Says:

    I would Kiss Them Stars(:! (:
    & i love the tat’s and story to go along with it’s
    I got 200 stars and there big and small the go from my hip up my rib cage on side and back to my shoulder blade!

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