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Tattoo Story – Jackie: Roisin Dubh Tattoo

Photo of irish rose tattoo
Jackie’s Roisin Dubh Tattoo

My Roisin Dubh tattoo has a many layered meaning.

My father’s family is Irish, and my mother is South Korean. Roisin Dubh means “Black Rose” in Gaelic. I look more asian than Irish so it confuses most people to see an asian girl with Gaelic on her. They think it spells out my name. I’ve actually had people argue with me about my heritage. Which I find quite funny, because my last name is obviously Irish. I figure I’m quite dark for an Irish girl.

My birth month is June, so my birth flower is the rose. My tattoos with flowers have roses in them, so this just ties into the rest. This is also the only tattoo I have right now that is visible when I’m wearing my regular work clothes. (I work in a hospital.) Since it’s so well done, I haven’t had any complaints about it. And it’s usually the older people who absolutely love it. They seem to love the fact that I’m Irish.

And the last reason…I adore the band Flogging Molly. They have a song called “To Youth (My Sweet Roisin Dubh). It’s the song I love the best out of all their songs, so I got this to pay tribute to the band. Plus, no one who isn’t a Flogging Molly fan knows what it means, so it kind of helps me to find other fans. I’ve also shown it to the band member I met and he loved it.

John at Smiling Buddha Tattoo shop did this one. They are based in Savannah and Statesboro, Georgia. He works at the Savannah shop. I love his work and all the artists there are great. I’ve gotten all my tattoos except one done there. If you’re ever in the Savannah, GA area, go see them. They are some of the best artists I’ve ever met.


Inked by John at Smiling Buddha – Savannah, GA

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3 Responses to “Tattoo Story – Jackie: Roisin Dubh Tattoo”

  1. Cody L Says:

    wow i LOVE it!!! im mostly irish myself n i think it looks awesome, and flogging molly does rawk! and so do you!

  2. Danny boy Says:

    thats awesome. i love that song too. its my all time fav from flogging molly im seein them play in a few months. im irish myself and got my roisin dubh tat the other week.

  3. Stevie-Jane Says:

    Wow…someone else who likes Flogging Molly….don’t feel like such a loner right now :D Awesome tattoo, I’m jealous ;)

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