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Tattoo Story – Traci: Yin Yang Tiger Dragon

Traci's yin yang tiger dragon tattoo
Traci’s Yin Yang Tiger Dragon Tattoo

My tattoo started out as just a ying-yang that I had done for my 18th birthday. The ying-yang represents balance in my life, which is more of an abstract concept than something I’ve been able to practice. Its a goal I aspire towards. It was always the intent that I would finish my tattoo with a dragon and a tiger around it, but I did not have enough money when I was 18.

Through the years I’ve been keeping an eye on designs, but never following through on finishing the tattoo. Then a tragedy happened this past winter. One of my best friends from high school was brutually murdered in a random act of violence. I was angry, and that anger found me in the chair at the tattoo studio.

The artist who did my work competes nationally, and I was amazed all of the awards he had gotten. His nickname was Freehand. I told him what I wanted, and he sparked an interest in working on me. He had drawn a design of a tiger and dragon with the intent of putting it around a ying-yang on one of his friends. But this never happened because his friend had been murdered only a couple of months prior. He modified the design a bit for my tastes, but said that he would love to put the design on me, and even signed the original handdrawing for me to keep.

I guess I’m a bit of a whimp when it comes to needles, or at least thats what I’m told, but my anger got me through the first 40 minutes of the job. It was the last 5 or so that my anger faultered and I was in tears, from both the pain on my shoulder/back and in my heart. The experience for me was very healing, and I found it much easier to start to deal with the pain in my heart as the other pain subsided. I still miss my friend very much, and I ache to know that I never got to say good-bye, but I know she is still with us, at least in heart and spirit.

So, thats my story, and I’m sticking to it….


Yin Yang Tiger Dragon Tattoo

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6 Responses to “Tattoo Story – Traci: Yin Yang Tiger Dragon”

  1. Scot Says:

    A very inspirational story Tracy and I fully understand how the pain of the needle got you through the pain of the loss of your friend. May your friend and the friend of the artist sit in peace in heaven.

  2. B Says:

    that’s a wicked story. so inspiring.

  3. Vickie Says:

    very cool tatt. Sorry to hear about your friend. . i lost my 19 year old son july 1, 2006. I love dragons and have a few tats on my back but i am seeking a phoenix to represent Shane, he was one of two reasons breathe, now i am blessed to have RJ with me who is 14. I kept thinking that when i lost him, i was one of the lucky ones, we were close and he always said he didn’t want to ride on back of a motorcycle or go fast in a car less he was driving cuz if he were going to die he wanted it to be by his own hand…(he was killed in motorcycle accident…) he took ride with friends to celebrate last day of college, toward the beach…..that was the last time i heard his voice….I AM Truly sorry for your loss.

  4. Steve Says:

    Lmao that tattoo sucks and commemorating a friends death by getting something you wanted anyway very inspirational not!!!!

  5. sparky Says:

    wow bit harsh there mate, i know i tatoo sucks but different things are different to diferent ppl. lmao at steve slating girls for his computer, what a twat

  6. Jay Says:

    I like the Yin n Yang but not really feeling the tiger or dragon as have seen alot better an thing especially the dragon could of been done better that being said as long as who ever the Tattoo is happy then F***k what any one says as its your meaning and the meaning behind your Tattoos is a special one that only a complete Idiot (like steve) would slate

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