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Tina’s Fairy Tattoo Story

Picture of a girl with a fairy tattoo

The Story Behind Tina’s Fairy Tattoo

I got my tattoo on my 18th birthday from my father. It was a big deal to get this tattoo because I had picked it out so many years ago. I was severely depressed and suicidal. I was kicked out of school and there was nothing out there in the world for me and it really got to me. My life then revolved around reading my vampire novels, writing, drugs and music. Especially music. It was what helped me out the most.

I didn’t go on the internet very much and one day I was just aimlessly looking around and found this picture. It had a wonderful quote with it but that’s not what caught my eye. I immediately saved the picture. I kept a print out of the picture in one of my many notebooks and finally got it tattooed last year. I felt that soon after was the turning point in my life. I stopped being so depressed and realized life isn’t all that bad and not everything is out to get me.

Thank you daddy you have no clue how much this means to me.


Tattoo artist: Eric Johnson
Tattoo Studio: Firehouse Tattoo, Quesnel, BC Canada

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One Response to “Tina’s Fairy Tattoo Story”

  1. kara Says:

    Thank you deeply for sharing your story Tina. Your tattoo is truly lovely but it’s how it makes you feel that blows my mind. I was googling tattoo stories because I was looking for words i could relate to about why i am getting my tattoo. We all have our own story and hearing yours synthesized a lot of what i hope to take away with my ink as well. No I don’t need a tattoo to learn something but I do confess planning my tattoo has given me an unexpected renewed hope I have not felt for a long time… and now I have a better idea why. Thank You! … and great writing!

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